========================[ Terms & Conditions ]======================

Welcome to HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/. The terms & conditions set forth below apply to those offered by HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/ related to the use of the site HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/. Users are advised to read carefully because it can affect the rights and obligations of users under the law.
By registering and / or using the website HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/, the user has read, understood, understood and made all contents in the terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are a form of agreement which is set forth in a legal agreement between the User and HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/. If the user does not mention one, part, or all problems, then he does not use the service at HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/.


============ [ACCOUNTS, SALES, PASSWORD AND SECURITY] ============

1. The User hereby declares that the user is capable and able to bind him / herself in a lawful agreement.
2. w3llstore users will not demand anything if the account experiences a password / password forgotten or asks the w3llstore to change the account password, because w3llstore does not provide a password restore feature, all because of data security reasons.
3. HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/ does not charge registration fees to Users.
4. Users who have registered have the right to act as: Buyer
5. HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/ without prior notice to the User, has the authority to take necessary action for any suspected violation or violation of the Terms & conditions and / or applicable law, namely the act of removing the user account.
6. HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/ has the authority to close the shop or User account both temporarily and permanently if there is an act of fraud in the transaction and / or violation of the terms and conditions of HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/
7. Users are prohibited from creating and / or using devices, software, features and / or other tools that aim to manipulate the system HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/.
8. HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/ has the authority to suspend User balances if found / suspected acts of fraud in transactions and / or violations of the terms and conditions of HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/.
9. The user is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password for all activities that occur in the User account.
10. The User hereby declares that HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/ is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from misuse of the User account.



================== [PURCHASE TRANSACTION] ================

When purchasing a Item, the Buyer agrees that:
1. The buyer is responsible for reading, understanding, and approving the information / description of the entire item (including but not limited to color, quality, function, etc.) before making an offer or commitment to buy.


=================== [REFUND / RETURN OF FUNDS] ============

When making a refund request, the Buyer agrees that:
1. Refund is only valid for 12 hours.
2. Refund Funds will be sent in the form of W3LLSTORE balance.
3. Sender Gruantee Only 1 Month

=================== [RESELLER] ============

When you want be a reseller here, the Reseller agrees that:
1. Need to add balance 30$ on store (To Upgrade Account).
2. We will cut 30% for any sales.
3. We only pay reseller from Perfect Money
Note: Open ticket on store and send your skype and icq contact after you add balance so your acount can updated by admin

=================== [UPDATE] =================

Terms & conditions may be changed and / or updated from time to time without prior notice. HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/ recommends that you read carefully and check this Terms & Conditions page from time to time to find out any changes. By continuing to access and use the services HTTPS://W3LLSTORE.CO/, the user is deemed to approve changes in the Terms & conditions.